Why Are People Going Nuts About Ant-Man?

The first full-length trailer was released for Ant-Man and I still don’t get it.

Good Time To Introduce Your Kids To Mad Max. [Video]

Watching The Road Warrior with my son was a lot of me going ‘watch this’ and him going ‘please stop.’ I think Fury Road will reverse this pattern.

Adults Will Be Psyched About CG Animated ‘The Little Prince’ [Video]

The Little Prince fans are not going to be leaving school to watch this CG animated film, they’re going to be skipping work, leaving kids with a sitter etc.

New Vince Vaughn, Tom Wilkinson And Dave Franco Movie Looks Good. [Video]

The movie is called Unfinished Business and based on the trailer, it sets up nicely. Unfinished Business is due out on March 6, 2015.

Unimpressed With New Star Wars Movie. [Video]

The new Star Wars movie is going to flop. Just saw the sneak peek and it looked like the Macy’s Parade only not interesting.

They’re Making Another Jurassic Park Movie? [Video]

Watch the first full-length trailer for Jurassic World.

Going To London – Night At The Museum 3 Movie Trailer. [Video]

Get a peek at the new Night At The Museum movie.

Chappie – The Growing Up Robot Film By Neil Blomkamp. [Video]

Watch the trailer for an AI robot film you probably haven’t heard of – it’s Chappie and the director and cast lead me to believe it should be good.