Bunch Of Old People Dancing. [Video]

Go ahead, steal their moves.

One Man Final Countdown Street Performer. [Video]

A one man band in Sweden performs one of the greatest songs ever played… in a basketball arena during the 1990’s.

Video Without Music Is Better Than Videos With Music. [Video]

Watch Snoop Snoop and Ferrel perform Drop It Like It’s Hot in a video without music.

Bring This Song Back – She Gives Me Love By The Godfathers. [Video]

One more song from the 80’s that could still hold water today. Listen to ‘She Gives Me Love’ by The Godfathers.

Dance Like The Camera Is Rolling And You’re On Live TV. [Video]

Kid dancing for the live TV feed is a kid dancing for the live TV feed. Nobody is getting hurt and he’s having a blast!

Mormon Missionary Dances To Beat It With MJ Impersonator. [Video]

Fun video of a Mormon missionary and Jehovah’s Witness impersonator having a dance off to Beat It.

NO Singing In Singin In The Rain. [Video]

For people like me, who have a hard time sitting through a musical, singing and song free musicals are perfect. Singin’ in the Rain is about puddles.

Guy Asks Jay-Z Who He Is, Jay-Z Asks Guy Who He Is. Me Paul. [Video]

Turns out, Jay-Z couldn’t get arrested outside of the Louvre.