Can You Drive With A Tire Boot On Your Car?

A woman driving a BMW decides to take off with a tire boot on her car. Fortunately, she was auditioning for a show that appreciates stupidity.

Best Fark Headline Ever- California Bans Plastic Bags, Real Housewives…

Fark made the connection between the plastic bag ban in California and the future cancellation of the Real Housewives of Orange County and its awesome!

Wake Forest Uses Kim K And People Mag To Recruit Football Players?

The value of a degree from Wake Forest University just dropped to the floor. That’s what a sextape, reality show and f’d up parenting will do to it.

Mtv’s The Challenge Features Women Out-Dumbing Each Other. [Video]

If you ever wondered about how Mtv chooses people for their ‘reality’ shows – watch this clip and know that intelligence test are not part of the process.

Animal Planet’s ‘Call Of The Wildman’ May Be Animal Abusing Fakes. [Video]

Sounds like ‘Call of the Wildman’ might be the next unreality TV show. But why we still watch these programs is actually more shocking.

Secrets Of The Living Dolls – Men Dressing Up In Full Female Bodysuits. [Video]

Get the story directly from the men who like to dress up as women in full silicone rubber bodysuits.

Microsoft’s Scroogled Ad Goes After Chromebook With Cast Of Pawn Stars. [Video]

The geniuses behind Microsoft’s Scroogled campaign wants the Pawn Stars to talk people, who never watch the show, out of buying a Chromebook. Nice work!

Stuff Of Nightmares : The Deliverance Dancing With A Raccoon Set To Chain Of Fools.

I blame all the dancing and singing reality shows for this one.