Cats Fighting In Santa Picture.

Instant naughty list for bringing your cats in for a Santa photo.

Plumbing Truck From Texas Used By Extremist In Syria.

A plumbing company in Texas City finds out one of their old work trucks ended up in Syria. How? Because people are stupid and called and threatened them.

Bad Hair Year.

Out there, somewhere, a hair stylist is very ashamed of themselves.

Let The Childhood Trauma Begin – Santa Writes A Letter To Naughty Kids. [Video]

A fed up mom did the thinkable: she gave her kids a naughty letter from Santa that she wrote. She may get her own letter for posting the video.

The Don’t Jerk And Drive Campaign Is Real. [Video]

The South Dakota Highway Safety Dept. has put together a nice campaign encouraging drivers NOT to Jerk And Drive. Jerk and Drive – really?

‘Yeah, It Was A Pass.’

Cory Jefferson shoots and misses.

Now You Can Literally Give A Flying Fuck Remote Control Helicopter.

Giving a flying fuck has a price tag now – it’s $34.99 (plus s&h).

Parenting Fail – Kid Thinks Shaver Is A Comb As Mom Comments. [Video]

Watch a little boy shave most of his hair off when he takes a shaver to his head instead of a comb. Mom’s commentary = parenting fail.