D’oh! ‘The Simpsons’ Tribute Show ‘The Samsonadzes’ From The Republic Of Georgia. [Video]

Maybe The Simpsons could hire away some of The Samsonadzes writers… and add a parrot. No need to worry about jumping the shark.

Dog To Cat Love Letter: ‘My Dog Is Madly In Love With Your Cat.’

A true story of love between a Montdogue and a Catulet: How does the cat respond?

Huff Post Compilation Video: Babies ‘Cursing’ Are F&*$Ing Funny. [Video]

Unsolicited parenting advice from Cr@pasaurus: Avoid teaching your toddler the words Percy, vacuum and dump truck.

Word Of The Day! Glasshole: A Google Glass Wearer Who Uses It In A Manner That Irritates Others.

“We’re playing Pictionary tonight because the Glasshole showed up.”

Victorian Era Post-Mortem Photography.

When you couldn’t afford to commission a painting of the recently deceased, post-mortem photographs were the only way to create a keepsake to remember a dead loved one.

Brother Crosses The Line And Pinches Younger Brother’s Nuts. Writes Apology Letter And Offers $1 As Restitution.

Older brother in Australia discovers the first unwritten rule of sibling fights and it only cost him $1 (AUS).