Storyboard Compared To The Film – Crab-Spider-Head Scene From The Thing. [Video]

Check out the storyboard scene of the crab-spider head walking away scene versus the actual film. One of the freakiest movie scenes ever!

Underwear Wearing Hero Saves The Girl And Kicks Some Ass. [Video]

Get to know !!Renegade!! because he’s a man who fights for his love and does so in his Renegade underwear.

Ex Machina – A Film About AI That Looks Good. [Video]

Watch the new clip for the film Ex Machina and see if you’re just as hopeful as I am.

San Quentin Prison Baseball Team – The San Quentin Giants. [Video]

Short documentary about baseball being played behind prison walls. How the sport builds camaraderie where it normally wouldn’t.

Yardbird – The Australian Carrie With A Touch Of The Dead Zone. [Video]

Fun to watch a wrong get righted in the short film Yardbird.

The Scariest 60 Second Video Ever – Tuck Me In. [Video]

Even if you know the story behind ‘Tuck Me In,’ you’ll be scared watching the video. Tuck Me In is The Scariest 60 Second Video Ever.

Find Out What’s In The Duffel Bag In BAG MAN Short Film. [Video]

The short film BAG MAN will have you guessing and then have you hoping for a BAG MAN sequel… and maybe a prequel.

Real-Life Portal Gun Duel Is Amazingly Fun And Slightly Gory. [Video]

Man vs man Portal battle goes from a living room to a car and then to the moon.