60-Year Old Grandpa Drinks Beer With No Hands And No Arms [Video]

Watch a 60-year old pull off some yoga and shit to drink a beer that starts on his forehead.

Girl Arm Wrestles Against Gaston At Disney World And….

Gaston has been busy taking on challenges from all comers. In this case, it’s an 11-year old girl and the challenge is arm wrestling.

Chinese Dude Lifts Shit With Nutsack.

If nutsack lifting was an Olympic sport, this man, who can lift 175lbs worth of shit with his nutsack, would win gold, silver and bronze.

Crossfit Workout Gone Bad Video.

Watch the MacGyver of crossfit struggle with every aspect of his workout.

San Quentin Prison Baseball Team – The San Quentin Giants. [Video]

Short documentary about baseball being played behind prison walls. How the sport builds camaraderie where it normally wouldn’t.

Little 9-Year Old Romanian Bodybuilder. [Video]

Giuliano Stroe has been working out since he was two and now, at the ripe old age of nine, he’s doing tricks and has a freakish body. Parents = proud.

The Fattening – Burgers And Fries For Breakfast From Burger King.

How does Burger King respond to franchisee’s who broke policy and sold burgers before 10AM? By making burgers and fries available before 10AM.

Jesus Strong – Cross Fit By Jesus Is Basically CrossFit By Jesus. [Video]

WWJD to build lean muscle mass and increase aerobic stamina? Cross Fit by Jesus probably isn’t it.