Girl Arm Wrestles Against Gaston At Disney World And….

Gaston has been busy taking on challenges from all comers. In this case, it’s an 11-year old girl and the challenge is arm wrestling.

Getting Arrested Wearing Your Best ‘Who Needs Drugs’ T-Shirt.

The ‘No, Seriously, I Have Drugs’ message on the t-shirt was just kicking the probably cause door in.

Twin Sisters Fight Over Boyfriend And Vibrator.

Twin sisterhood comes third when you’re talking about boyfriends and sex toys.

The Only Thing He Had On Was ‘A Large Metal Ring Around His Testicles’

Who hasn’t done this before? We all think we’re better than Keith ‘put a large metal ring around his testicles’ Berfield but we’re all one bad trip away.

Three-Boobed Woman Only A Thing Until Four-Boobed Woman Arrives. [Video]

A Florida woman now has a third boob and good for her.

Body Bumping Your Kids Is A Crime In Florida.

If I get another dumbass Florida story, I’m going to kick my own nuts with both heels. Body bumping woman in Florida gets arrested… over chicken.

Burglar Falls Asleep On The Job Next To Stolen Jewelry. [Florida!]

Thanks Florida for floridianing up for us. Burglar falls asleep on the job? Only in Florida.

Oh, Having Sex With Dogs Is Wrong… Ok. Who Wants Dinner? [Video]

How do you make sure you dog sex story goes mainstream? You attempt to poison the people that caught you having sex with the dogs.