Canadian Man Finds Mouse In His McDonald’s Coffee – Reacts Canadianly.

What would you do if you found a dead mouse in your McDonalds coffee? Get a lawyer? Vomit? In Canada, they show empathy for the dead mouse.

The Fattening – Burgers And Fries For Breakfast From Burger King.

How does Burger King respond to franchisee’s who broke policy and sold burgers before 10AM? By making burgers and fries available before 10AM.

No McFlurry Car Fire – No McFlurry Woman Sets Man’s Car On Fire. [Video]

There’s a whole mess of crazy in this McFlurry story. From the firestarter, to the fire victim to the police ID’ing the burned out car by its license plate.

Two Dogs Sharing One Ice Cream Cone. [Video]

Dogs Daisy and Cooper love tag-teaming McDonalds’ ice cream cones – one licks and the other finishes.

Burger King Employee Puts ‘Bitch Ass Hoes’ On Customer’s Receipt.

Dumbass writing Bitch Ass Hoes is my last post about dumbasses being dumbasses. Too many dumbass stories about dumbasses behaving like dumbasses.

Police Arrest Fake Cop Getting Dunkin Donuts Discount… He’s A Crier. [Video]

Charles Barry impersonated a police officer and US marshal to get a 10% Dunkin Donuts discounts. When he was arrested, he impersonated a 2-year old.

Frozen McRib Looks Basically Like You’d Expect A Frozen McRib To Look.

Seeing a frozen McRib may shock McRib fans. Think Duplo train track.

Revisiting The Story About The Woman Burned By McDonalds Coffee. [Video]

Stella Liebeck asked McDonalds to cover her medical bills for burns received from their scalding hot coffee. They said no. She sued and became the villain.