How To Fillet A Halibut In Under A Minute. [Video]

I’ve been on charter fishing trips and I’ve seen some impressive filleting but this deckhand is better than the rest.

Thanksgiving Turkey Cake.

Not good to serve a Thanksgiving cake that reminds everyone of what comes after cake.

Preventative Utensiling With The Magnifying Spoon. [Video]

The Magnifying Spoon is the product you’ll never need ever.

Kardashian Ass Coffee?

We tried not to post anything around the Kardashian ass picture. Kardashian ass coffee is the one exception.

Is This Blonde Singaporean The Face Of Pepsi In Singapore?

Pepsi Singapore – please let this be real. If it isn’t, please make it happen.

Exorcism AT Starbucks And Not An Exorcism FROM Starbucks. [Video]

Somebody filmed an ACTUAL exorcism at a Starbucks in Austin TX because the devil loves marginal coffee.

Made In China – Shower Rape In A Men’s Locker Room Is Used To Sell Biscuits. [Video]

Dropping a bar of soap in a group shower is just the beginning of the awesome in this commercial for biscuits from China.

Mail Poop To Your Enemies-Exes-Boss-Former Friends With [Video]

Shit Express is one of those companies that makes a big splash and then slowly breaks down and disappears. I give them 30 days.