Body Bumping Your Kids Is A Crime In Florida.

If I get another dumbass Florida story, I’m going to kick my own nuts with both heels. Body bumping woman in Florida gets arrested… over chicken.

Almost Naked Dodgers Fan Is The Definition Of No Fucks Given.

Going shirtless at an LA Dodgers game would not be easy. Being a large man, four beers in, and pulling up your shorts to get extra sun is just gutsy. NFG

Football Fans Will Snicker At Snickers Commercial With Johnny Manziel. [Video]

Scoring a Snickers commercial is not too shabby for a backup quarterback. We have an alternative ending that might’ve been more entertaining.

Little Boy Cracks Up Watching An Ostrich Eat. [Video]

Ostrich – an animal with little or no sense of humor. An ostrich eating out of a cup is a whole different story.

Kid Wearing Popcorn Bucket Gets Hit With Foul Ball. I See A Playdate Op With Two-Bucket Head. [Video]

Popcorn bucket on head – CHECK! Bryce Harper foul ball coming your way – CHECK! Getting hit in the popcorn bucket by Bryce Harper’s foul ball – CHECK!

Angry Old Russian To iPhone And iPad – I MUST BREAK YOU. [Video]

Putin says jump, Russians say ‘how high?’ Putin bans products from US and EU, Russians break iPhones and pour out their cokes. (Putin owns hammer company)

ClickBait Today – Making Cheese With The Shit On Your Feet.

Desperate for content, I’ll gladly put up a post about NOT reading an article on how to make cheese out of the microbes on our feet.

Food Related Crime Is On The Rise.

Food related crime in Seattle is on the uptick. Wonder if it has anything to do with the legalization of marijuana…