Pancake Parenting And Some Punching. [Video]

You know you barely have control of a situation when your already managing kids by withholding pancakes.

Fartiquette – The Customary Code For Owning Up To Your Fart In Society. [Video]

Pre-denying a fart never works out. Watch how this plays out in a office conference room. Very hard to watch.

Over-Cute Duck’s Life Video’s ‘To Be Continued’ Worries Me A Bit. [Video]

There’s cute and then there’s over-cute. This video about the duckling becoming a duck has a sequel and I surely hope it’s not dark and involve a recipe.

The Fattening – Burgers And Fries For Breakfast From Burger King.

How does Burger King respond to franchisee’s who broke policy and sold burgers before 10AM? By making burgers and fries available before 10AM.

Dog Sees Squirrel. Dog Goes Nuts. [Video]

Rocco the springer spaniel spies a squirrel outside of the car. Then goes into clicks, chatter and echo location squirrel hunting mode from there.

Rabbit Skin Billboard Used To Pitch Rabbit Pizza.

Hell Pizza in New Zealand created a one of a kind billboard to sell their rabbit pizza. It includes rabbit skins and a prayer for now rain.

Commercial For Finger Blasters Is A Shocker (Way Too Easy). [NSFW]

Yes, the title is too easy. Watch the commercial for Finger Blasters featuring every-mom Amy Schumer.

Yeti Get Ready – Matt Berninger And Pete Holmes Write Next Hit Song. [Video]

Get to know our generation’s McCartney and Lennon. It’s Berninger and Holmes and they might have a hit on their hands. A sex, food and lots of fun.