Since When Is A $50 Light Bulb ‘JUST’ A $50 Dollar Light Bulb?

Un-Marketing 101 – putting JUST in front of an outrageous price. i.e. And this Porsche is JUST $79,000 or This LED light bulb is JUST $50.

Boxing Up JULES The AI Robot. [Video]

In this video from 2006, everyone gets to say goodbye to JULES the robot before he is sent back to England. Shutting him down looked like a death scene.

Now You Can Literally Give A Flying Fuck Remote Control Helicopter.

Giving a flying fuck has a price tag now – it’s $34.99 (plus s&h).

Self-Driving Cars Thwarted By Rain. [Video]

Never thought about weather being an issue. Plan B: Bigger drones that will transport us to work.

BungleBots – Crappy Robots Battle It Out. [Video]

See the silly side of high technology in Japan as the least technical robot designers battle each other with their barely functioning robots.

Grandpa Proof Remote.

A little painters tape and grandpa will be changing channels (and nothing else) like a pro.

Amazon Echo Parody – The Amazon Echo Promo Video We Wanted. [Video]

The Amazon Echo could be a cool product. The promo video used to introduce the Echo was pretty weak. The Amazon Echo parody video shows why.

Amazon Echo Is Going To Be Super Weird In The Bedroom. [Video]

The smart people at Amazon have created a Siri-type device that the whole family can use to get answers and fight over. Say hello to Echo.