The Worst Video Game Ever.

Interactive, hands on… worst video game ever.

Prank – Christopher Walken Calling Xbox Tech Support. [Video]

Watch this Jerky Boys’ish prank w/o doing the Christopher Walken voice. What’s it going to be like when the real Christopher Walken needs tech support?

GTA Grandma Video

Watch one British grandma go nuts playing GTA V.

Nintendo Games And Characters Reimagined In Japanese Woodblock Art.

Traditional woodblock printing is what most people think of when the think of Japanese art. Now imagine Pokemon and Donkey Kong in woodblock form…

Five Nights At Freddy’s – Adults Playing Scary Video Game Get A Surprise. [Video]

Never heard of Five Nights At Freddy’s and I would’ve been perfect for this adults play Five Nights At Freddy’s video.

Butt Crack The Gathering Or Magic The Butt Crack?

A redditor attends a Magic the Gathering event and takes pictures of people’s butt cracks. Acts like they’re the odd ones.

Real Or Fake: Guy Playing FIFA 14 Loses His Shit And Destroys Flat TV. [Video]

YouTubers think these German gamers staged this video to earn a few $’s by destroying an already broken TV. For me, it’s just scary hearing screamed German.

The First Three Levels Of Donkey Kong Recreated In Stop-Motion [Video]

Donkey Kong stop-motion video is the latest ‘geek video’ from the GuizDP. Worth watching.