After A Week With A Stomach Virus….

Jeremy Clarkson ‘thumbs up’ approves this post on imgur.

Dog In Teddy Bear Costume Eating A Treat.

It took 19 days but we finally found something that is crapworthy. Thank you Ewok Teddy Bear costume dog eating a doggie treat!

Walking With Cast On Broken Leg.

Wading through the crap that is the internet, I could only find one thing that was crap-worthy. Thank you imgur and thank you puppy with broken leg.

Conan – 14 Signs Buzzfeed Lists Are Running Out Of List Ideas. [Video]

From the ’27 Signs Your Dog Is Hotter Than Your Boyfriend’ to the ’14 Photos Of Fruit Looking Like Ryan Gosling’ – it’s Buzzfeed List time with Conan.

Good Morning Bitches!

Stare at the magnificence to kick-start your day.

Fat Cat Squeezing Through A Small Pet Door.

Cat’s fat? Blame grandma.

Don’t Mess With Adrian Beltre

Three funny gif’s of Texas Ranger’s Adrian Beltre getting goofed by teammate Elvis Andrus.