We Have A Date For The Guy Whose iPhone 6 Bent And Caught Fire.

The iPhone 6 that caught fire in an Arizona man’s pants involved a rickshaw and onlookers. Solution: avoid rickshaws until Apple gives them the all clear.

Compilation Video Of Drunks Walking Around Like Drunk Zombies. [Video]

Drunks are the best! Never made the drunk and zombie connection but it’s perfect.

Video Of How Japanese Food Samples Are Made. [Video]

Ever wonder how the wax-plastic sample food is made for Japanese restaurants? Watch a pro make some tempura and cabbage out of wax.

Video Of A Kid Fainting Three Times On The Slingshot Ride. [Video]

The slingshot ride brings out the narcolepsy in this kid. Scares him asleep.

Fox In ‘Night Out VS Morning After’ Pictures

Thank you imgur for pairing some beautiful nature with some horrible taxidermy.

Increasing Denmark’s Low Birth Rate By Encouraging Travel Sex. [Video]

Find out more about ‘Do It For Denmark!’ from Danish travel agency Spies.

Coke Movie Theater Prank – Don’t Be A Slurper, Texter Or Talker. [Video]

The movie slurper is bad but the movie talker is the worst. Coke kind of goes after both of them with one movie theater prank.

Kaiju Bar In Japan. [Video]

Booze it up with your favorite TV / movie monster at the Kaiju Sakaba. As a paid service, this bar should let the drunks battle a kaiju.