Need Girl Scout Cookies From A Grown Up

Craigslist ad for Girl Scout cookies by a person who can not make contact with minors is honest, sad and law abiding.

Let’s Play Hide The Sausage Cookbook

Some stuff on imgur is just plain old fake like the Let’s Play Hide The Sausage Cookbook. Didn’t stop this guy’s grandma from owning it though.

Where’s 87? Benchwarmer’s High School Football Recruiting Video

The best high school football recruiting video ever! I sure hope the high school football player in the video made it.

Koala Bear For Sale – Loves Vin Diesel Movies, Hates Asians.

Old 2009 Craigslist ad for GumNut the cat killing, one-dog liking, eucalyptus pounding, stinky koala bear. The humor is timeless!

Amazon To FAA: We’re Taking Our Drone Idea Elsewhere.

Looks like the FAA is on to Amazon and their neverending delivery-drone April Fools joke. Amazon’s reaction: we’ll take our drones elsewhere.

Wheel Of Fortune’s Most Awkward Audience Member. [Video]

This awkward moment on Wheel of Fortune is so awkward that it doesn’t seem real.

Chandelier Video Remake For Fantasy Loser. [Video]

Some guy ‘supposedly’ lost in his fantasy football league and had to remake the Sia Chandelier video. I think this guy lost on purpose.