Breaking News: Kid’s SantaCam Catches Santa In The Act – Video

A 7-year old boy sets up a camera to catch Santa Claus in the act of delivering presents. The kid is psyched and his parents are awesome.

Grandma Chocolate iPhone Prank Has A Happy Ending – Video

For our grandparents, getting technology for Christmas = kids getting a pair of socks for Christmas.

Street Snowman Scares People Video.

The scary snowman is a holiday fixture on YouTube. Here he is scaring people in Boston.

Brad And Dallas Woodhouse’s Mom Calls CSPAN To Lecture Her Sons About The Holidays

Brothers with opposing political views got called Out on a CSPAN show by their mother. She basically said – don’t be dicks at Christmas.

Relax, It’s Just Monday!

The last full week before Christmas and all through the house….

Birdbox Studio – Thank You For Making My Christmas Card Suck. [Video]

Birdbox Studio’s Christmas card is better than my Christmas.

Let The Childhood Trauma Begin – Santa Writes A Letter To Naughty Kids. [Video]

A fed up mom did the thinkable: she gave her kids a naughty letter from Santa that she wrote. She may get her own letter for posting the video.

Getting Kissed With Mistletoe Hanging Over Your Head. [Video]

Blake Grigsby proves that a little ingenuity, and some suspended mistletoe, will garner you some good attention. Don’t even try the mistletoe belt.