Removing Your Mustache With A Homemade Taser. [Video]

Mehdi Sadaghdar wants to end Movember with a bang by shaving his mustache off in four awful ways – wax, kitchen knife, homemade taser and lighter fluid.

Storyboard Compared To The Film – Crab-Spider-Head Scene From The Thing. [Video]

Check out the storyboard scene of the crab-spider head walking away scene versus the actual film. One of the freakiest movie scenes ever!

Typical Australian Kid.

How the rest of the world pictures the typical Australian kid: shirtless, drinking a beer and holding a crocodile. Holy shit – check check check!

Chinese Dude Lifts Shit With Nutsack.

If nutsack lifting was an Olympic sport, this man, who can lift 175lbs worth of shit with his nutsack, would win gold, silver and bronze.

World’s Greatest Boxer Is Mickey Rourke. [Video]

Mickey Rourke is such an amazing boxer that his opponents fall down and get counted out at just the thought of being hit by Mickey Rourke.

US Black Friday Crazy Exported To Ireland. [Video]

Black Friday sales in Europe? Yes and Eur-welcome.

Climbing A Barely Standing 900′ Chimney. [Video]

Climbing a 900’+ chimney checklist: Nearly severed cable, check. Nearly rusted out ladder, check. Balls the size of buses, check.

Man Has Virtual Reality Sex In Public Places Wearing I Heart Vagina Shirt. [Video]

Watch That Brown Nerd put on his Oculus’ish head display and start having some prank virtual sex in public places. Walmart, Apple Store etc.