Twerk For Work: Currys Electronics Makes Job Candidates Dance For Crappy Jobs. [Video]

I have some advice for Currys: if Miley Cyrus is excited about a step in your interview process, you are doing something wrong. No Twerk For Work.

Job Interview Fake Meteor Prank. LG Still Biggest Dicks In Electronics. [Video]

First it’s hot chicks laughing at guys peeing and then, unborn babies gave expectant parents the finger. Now LG is using end of the world to sell TVS.

Grandpa’s Juicing – 80-Year Old Weightlifter Busted For Doping.

An 80-year old participant in the PanAm Masters Weightlifting Championships tested positive for steroids. Fucks given? At this point, probably none left.

Squatty Potty – Drop A Squat The Right Way With The Squatty Potty. [Video]

Speed-bumped dumps will be a thing of the past. The Squatty Potty helps turn our poop release into a two-lane highway. Get ready for splash-back guard.

Being ‘Hot On Buzzfeed’ By Miley Cyrus: Twerk, Stick Out Tongue Etc

Miley Cyrus owned the ‘Hot on Buzzfeed’ list yesterday by twerking with furries, rubbing up on a foam finger and sticking out her tongue at the MTV VMA’s.

Watch TV Anywhere w/ DISH Network’s Tailgater Transportable Satellite Antenna.

No better way to experience nature than watching the Nature channel in the comfort of your own tent.

Scary Kid And Doll Face Swap Gives Us Talking Tina 2.0

It was only a matter of time until this happened.

What’s Grosser Than Gross? Videotaping Somebody Pulling A 25-Year Old Blackhead Out Of A Clogged Pore. [Video]

What’s grosser than gross? Me sitting through a 6-minute video of a 25-year old blackhead being removed from a clogged pore. (BTW: Pict is not a cute mouse)