Bootlegger / Movie Pirate Chews Out Filmgoer For Being Too Loud. [Video]

Pirating movies is only a crime is you think it’s a crime. Not talking during a movie is common knowledge and could get your balls ripped off.

Crazy Headline From HuffPo: Man Accused Of Paying For Sex With A Roll Of Quarters.

Thanks a lot TLC’s ‘My Strange Addiction.’ Because of your program, I assumed this guy paid to literally have sex with a roll of quarters.

Truth Revealed: What ‘Mitchell’s Wholesale Provedores’ Is Actually Supplying.

Find out what happens when the ‘Mitchell’s Wholesale Provedores’ opens their door? Somebody deserves a bonus for this gem.

Shitten Mittens: Don’t Get Caught Brown-Handed, Just Put On A Shitten. [Video]

It’s your choice – crack of your ass with toilet paper or whole-ass with the shitten mittens?

Switch-Pitcher: Can Yu Darvish Of The Rangers Throw Left-Handed Too? [Video]

I get the feeling Texas Ranger’s right-handed pitcher Yu Darvish would only pitch leftie to get into the batters’ head and it would work.

Asinine Video Of The Day: Angry Bro Confronts AMPM Clerk Over Hot Dogs (?)

There are so many opportunities to diffuse the situation between these two geniuses. Those opportunities are ignored and we are left with this gem.

Colbert Gets To The Bottom Of Flo-Rida’s Early AM Appearance On Today Show [Video]

Nobody cuts through the BS and nonsense like Stephen Colbert. Today Show with Flo Rida – you’re next.