23 Minutes Of Shitty Driving – Angry Driver Films Bad Driver In Michigan. [Video]

Watch an asshole driver repeatedly break the traffic laws of Michigan. It’s called recidivism – repeat offender.

Take Notes – Larry King Turns On The Charm Machine.

How do you tell your wife you love her? By letting her know she would’ve been one heck of a hooker.

How To Fillet A Halibut In Under A Minute. [Video]

I’ve been on charter fishing trips and I’ve seen some impressive filleting but this deckhand is better than the rest.

Mexican Kenny Powers?

I bet Mexican Kenny Powers, saying things like ‘Kenny Powers days of burning ass are done. And that’s not a homosexual reference’ in Spanish, is awesome.

Watch Sam Gordon Score Touchdowns, Get Hit, Score TDs. [Video]

Want to see a girl play football better than the boys? Sam Gordon goes full-on Darren Sproles as she weaves her way across the football field.

Two Doors Dealing With Snow Differently.

Upstate New York is getting blasted by snow. Here’s how a couple of doors are dealing with the massive snow.

CNN Anchor Gives Cosby Rape Victim Rape Avoidance Tip. [Video]

Don Lemon – WTF? Asking a rape victim why she didn’t use her teeth to avoid rape puts you in a dumbass class that is all your own. We call it Lemon Level

How Satan Would Cheer At A Sporting Event. [Video]

Watch this woman cheer for her team hellishly.