Sexy Chilis Cook Shares Tattoo With H.I. McDunnough, Warthog From Hell.

A cook at a Florida Chilis restaurant got fired for posing shirtless in a Chilis’ kitchen. Had he been shirted, we would’ve missed the Rasing AZ connection.

Harmonica Playing Toddler Has The Blues. [Video]

Harmonica playing toddler has the blues and you need to hear about them. The transition from baby to toddler is tough for some.

‘Things Would Get Better’ – Man Reunites With Stranger Who Saved Him. [Video]

Really good story about a man wanting to commit suicide, finding the person who talked him out of it. Six years later, a campaign is started to find ‘Mike’.

The Problem With Facebook Is People Put So Much Time Into Building It Up… [Video]

… and now can’t live without it. Facebook is really working people over by getting Facebook users to pay for the house Facebook users built.

‘Applebeesandme’ Is Like Film ‘Her’ But Between A Guy And An Applebees Location.

Chris Zdarsky has an unusual relationship with his local Applebees. On the heels on the Spike Jonze film ‘Her’ – what Mr. Zdarsky is doing is perfectly ok.

Shit You Shouldn’t Post About Your Kids On Facebook: Ben’s Poo Marble.

Obviously the parents who posted ‘Ben’s Poo Marble’ on Facebook thought this through first and figured it was a public service to post a poo marble story.

Realize Dunbar’s Number When You Meet Facebook Friends In Real Life. [Video]

F’ing Greg Benson checks with three Facebook ‘Friends’ that he has never met to see if they’ll be real friends in real life.