60-Year Old Grandpa Drinks Beer With No Hands And No Arms [Video]

Watch a 60-year old pull off some yoga and shit to drink a beer that starts on his forehead.

Dog Can’t Read

The best stuff on imgur requires the least amount of thought. Dog Can’t Read is one of the best.

Let’s Play Hide The Sausage Cookbook

Some stuff on imgur is just plain old fake like the Let’s Play Hide The Sausage Cookbook. Didn’t stop this guy’s grandma from owning it though.

Limbo Prank Video – It’s Limbo Time!

Hilarious limbo prank video that doesn’t involve pain; just a little public humiliation.

Photobomb 101

Here’s a perfect example of a photobomb.

Graffiti Fixed.

‘Eat My Ass’ and swastika graffiti gets a positive message makeover.

Bad Hair Year.

Out there, somewhere, a hair stylist is very ashamed of themselves.

See The World’s Largest….

What is this? Is it the world’s largest set of…. or is it the largest ….