Happy Baby Gets Eyebrows, Moustache, Soul Patch. [Video]

Dad adds some facial her to his baby’s face and they both have a good laugh about it.

Girl Plays Fetch With Kitten. [Video]

Fetch playing kitten wins out over homework.

Dog And Horse Are Friends. [Video]

The dog and horse are best of friends and can do just about everything together – run, play, lick, etc. Just just can’t share a meal together.

Cat On Skylight.

Check out this cat taking a snooze on a skylight. Cat on skylight reminds me of something…..

Meet Arthur – Stray Dog In Ecuador Joins Swedish Adventure Racing Team. [Video]

Watch a sweet video about Arthur the stray dog who joined the Swedish Adventure Racing team in Ecuador and never left.

Dadsong Commercial – Old Spice Wins Again With New Commercial. [Video]

Old Spice’s commercials where the moms begrudgingly lose their sons gets updated with dad’s perspective (and it’s the opposite of mom’s).

Don’t Stop Believin’ – Virginia Fan Serenades His Goose. [Video]

Watch a Virginia student sing Don’t Stop Believin’ to his Virginia Cavalier goose.

Watch Sam Gordon Score Touchdowns, Get Hit, Score TDs. [Video]

Want to see a girl play football better than the boys? Sam Gordon goes full-on Darren Sproles as she weaves her way across the football field.