Selfie: Devil Rays Reporter Kelly Nash Gets Photobombed By Baseball.

Not the face! This picture of a baseball whizzing by reporter Kelly Nash’s head will be the next internet meme.

Stolen Bike Returned To Owner With Apology Letter And Expired Free Chocolate Crunch Cake Coupon.

Expired Dominos’ coupon or not, it’s the ‘returning a stolen bike’ that counts.

Joy: A Video Of A Duckling, A Hammerhead Pit Bull And A Shark-Costumed Cat Riding A Roomba. [Video]

Starring Max-Arthur the cat, Sharky the pit bull and a duck.

Miami Heat’s Shane Battier Receives 1100 Free Cases Of Bud Light And Now, My Life Sucks More. [Video]

Pro athletes getting free beer is more painful than knowing how much money they make… just sayin.

Houston Astros’ Fan Catches Drew Stubbs’ Home Run Ball In His Bucket Of Popcorn. [Video]

Would you sacrifice a full bucket of popcorn for a home run ball? Of course you would.

Cincinnati Reds’ Todd Frazier Hit A Home Run At The Request Of Batboy Teddy Kremer. [Video]

Even St. Louis Cardinals’ fans will appreciate this story.

‘Le Petit Prince’ : Photo Series About A Boy With Muscular Dystrophy Doing Everyday Activities.

Amazing photo series of a 12-year old boy with muscular dystrophy doing everyday activities.

Woman Dances While Waiting For A Bus. [VIDEO]

We should all be this happy about mass transit.