Since When Is A $50 Light Bulb ‘JUST’ A $50 Dollar Light Bulb?

Un-Marketing 101 – putting JUST in front of an outrageous price. i.e. And this Porsche is JUST $79,000 or This LED light bulb is JUST $50.

Console TV Seinfeld Fish Tank.

What would George do? He’d dig that old console TV out of the trash and turn it into a fish tank.

LED Lamp With Built-In Color Picker Can Mimic Any Surface Or Object Color. [Video]

It’s called the ColorUp table lamp and with it’s built-in color picker, the ColorUp can mimic any surface or object color. How soon till poop color happens?

Best Fark Headline Ever- California Bans Plastic Bags, Real Housewives…

Fark made the connection between the plastic bag ban in California and the future cancellation of the Real Housewives of Orange County and its awesome!

Jeff Goldblum Should Be The Face Of LED Lighting. [Video]

Nobody can smartly dumb down technology like Jeff Goldblum. GE has a winner with their Terry Quattro character pitching LED lighting.

Extreme Carpooling – Kuwait Edition. [Video]

No clowns here – it’s a more of a lifestyle to jam 15 people into a small SUV. Reminds me of the 70’s.

Rabbit Skin Billboard Used To Pitch Rabbit Pizza.

Hell Pizza in New Zealand created a one of a kind billboard to sell their rabbit pizza. It includes rabbit skins and a prayer for now rain.

Wall Outlet With An Integrated LED Nightlight From Snap Power.

A simple and brilliant product that will turn your standard wall outlet into a wall outlet LED nightlight. Snaps to install too!