Awesome: Going To Your High School Prom As Harry And Lloyd From ‘Dumb And Dumber.’

I want a prom do-over.

Lenticular Printing: Child Abuse Billboard Delivers One Message To Adults And One To Kids. [Video]

Low-tech solution for reaching two audiences with one important message.

Vulgar And Sweet: Baby Says ‘Flamingo.’ [Video]

A salty toddler and her proud parent.

Poor Sport: Water Polo Player Pushes Opponent Into The Pool During Post-Match Handshake. [Video]

Having to wear a Speedo is probably worse than getting pushed into a heated pool. Just sayin.

MMA For Kids: Watch A Two Year Old Beat Up A Couch. [Video]

Not only is this kid making solid contact, he also makes the MMA sound effects.

New Hampshire Man Loses His Life Savings Trying To Win An Xbox At A Local Carnival. [Video]

CPS… you might want to start a file on Henry Gribbohm.

‘Life Through Google’s Eyes’ – An Auto-Complete Reflection Of Society. [Video]

Crazy video showing Google results where the search term starts with ‘I’m [age] and….’

Homemade Water Slide Fail. [Video]

A fail for DIY’rs but a win for dads everywhere.