You Have The Right To Be Heckled – Stand-Up Comedian Interrupted By NYPD Arrest. [Video]

Don’t f-around with the NYPD. One comedian has his act interrupted by some not-so jovial police officers who heckle him with f-bombs.

Triumph With The Time Square Elmo, Minnie, Mickey Etc. [Video]

In Times Square, Triumph the Insult Comic Dog doesn’t seem as offensive.

Wearing Caffeinated Underwear Will Not Help You Lose Weight – FTC

Strike ‘caffeinated underwear’ off the list of possible weight loss techniques.

NFL Gets Jon Stewarted Again And It’s Spectacular. [Video]

Adrian Peterson, Sean Hannity, Michael Sam, Ice-T, Budweiser, Vikings, switches and blow a teammate day all make appearances in this epic Jon Stewart rant.

Mad About Crack Prices Going Up? Turn In Your Dealer.

Is your crack dealer gouging you? Turn him in and take your chances with another crack dealer.

Jon Stewart Nails The NFL For Its Bullshit On The Ray Rice Story. [Video]

Requirements for being commissioner of NFL: look good in suit, bro-shake players during draft and don’t fuck up too badly. (Goodell looks ok in a suit)

Body Bumping Your Kids Is A Crime In Florida.

If I get another dumbass Florida story, I’m going to kick my own nuts with both heels. Body bumping woman in Florida gets arrested… over chicken.

Burglar Falls Asleep On The Job Next To Stolen Jewelry. [Florida!]

Thanks Florida for floridianing up for us. Burglar falls asleep on the job? Only in Florida.