WV Man Dances To Push-It And Owns The Dance Floor. [Video]

I think Salt-N-Pepa wrote this song for this man. Women beware: as this WV man dances to Push-It, there’s a chance you might get pregnant.

Middle School? Adam Sandler Voted Most Popular Yearbook Photo.

A mom tells her son that she went to school with Adam Sandler. Produces the yearbook and then it really gets weird.

Underwear Wearing Hero Saves The Girl And Kicks Some Ass. [Video]

Get to know !!Renegade!! because he’s a man who fights for his love and does so in his Renegade underwear.

Roseanne Reunites With DJ And Becky. [Video]

Was TV Roseanne a good parent to her TV Roseanne kids? Find out watching this video of a Roseanne reunion on The Talk.

Bring This Song Back – She Gives Me Love By The Godfathers. [Video]

One more song from the 80’s that could still hold water today. Listen to ‘She Gives Me Love’ by The Godfathers.

The Smiths Opening Act In First US Show: Madonna. [Video]

Johnny Marr politely describes Madonna’s performance during The Smiths first show in the US.

Bringing Back ‘Russians’ By Sting Is Only Upside Of Recent US And Russia Tension. [Video]

Russia in the 1980’s was like North Korea today… but with 1000 times as many weapons. Love the song ‘Russians’ but I don’t miss the sentiment.

Remember The Medfly Invasion? [Video]

In 1980’s, California went absolutely nuts in their battle with the medfly – insecticides, checkpoints, t-shirts. What worked? Sterile males.