Prom Date Assist To Robin Williams And Ben Stiller Video.

Watch Robin Williams and Ben Stiller help their Night at the Museum cast mate get a prom date. It’s classic Robin Williams where everything is in play.

Aussie Newspaper – Engagement Congrats To Benedict Cumberbatch Etc.

An Australian newspaper Cumbadaptates ‘Cumberbatch’ many times while congratulating Benedict Cumberbatch on his engagement to Sophie ‘boring last name.’

Girlfriend Signs, Photographs Boyfriend’s Junk Before He Goes Out. [Video]

Weird or Not Weird – A woman went on the Steve Harvey Show and explained how she signs and photographs her boyfriend’s penis before he goes out.

Twin Sisters Fight Over Boyfriend And Vibrator.

Twin sisterhood comes third when you’re talking about boyfriends and sex toys.

Underwear Wearing Hero Saves The Girl And Kicks Some Ass. [Video]

Get to know !!Renegade!! because he’s a man who fights for his love and does so in his Renegade underwear.

President Obama Smoothly Deals With Jealous Boyfriend. [Video]

The President was in Chicago to cast his vote in the 2014 mid-term elections. Hometown hero? Nope. ‘Stay away from my girl’ says one constituent.

Out Of The Relationship Dos And Don’ts – These Are the Don’ts. [Video]

YouTube compilation videos should be your primary source for information on how to maintain a good relationship. Thank you YouTube!

Zoo Mating Fail – After Four Years Of Trying, Japanese Zoo Discovers Their Hyenas Are Both Male.

Four years of trying to get spotted hyenas to mate finally comes to an end when it turns out both are male. Gender specialist at the zoo scratches head.