It’s Better To Shit Your Pants Than To Die Of Constipation – Comment Wins.

Yes, I’m sure it’s better to shit your pants than to die of constipation but that quote is a little tired. What we need is a really good response to it…

Old People Fighting And A Scooter. [Video]

Describing the video messiness of an old couple fighting, and a scooter, is nearly impossible. We need real life Survivor so we can vote people off.

Get To Know Amazon Amanda And Meet Her Little Friend Sergio. [Video]

6′ 3″ Amazon Amanda has a good thing going and she can thank the eccentric little men in her life for her success.

Crazy ‘Save The Wedding Date’ Video Has A Helicopter And Soundtrack.

Watch a nutty ‘Save the date’ video that probably cost more than your wedding.

Rescue Optional? Man Falls Into A Tank Of Untreated Raw Sewage.

We swore off dumbass but we’re right back in it. This time, genius decided to check out the untreated sewage tanks. Discovered they hold raw sewage.

Stephen Colbert Plays Truth Game On Jimmy Fallon Show. [Video]

Jimmy Fallon and Stephen Colbert toss hardball questions back-n-forth in another game of ‘Truth or Truth’

Japan’s Love Hotels – Sketch-Free Hotel Rooms Rented By The Hour. [Video]

If there’s ever been an idea that needs to be imported to the US from Japan, it’s Japan’s Love Hotels.

Do-It-Yourself Last Minute Valentine’s Day Cards.

So you goofed and forgot to get your wife/girlfriend a Valentine’s Day – no prob. supplied us with some gems that will score you huge points.