Running In The Snow In Portland – Good Or Bad Decision? [Video]

A camera crew in Portland interview a couple of runners taking advantage the snow to get a run in. Running in the snow, it turns out, can be painful.

George Clooney Pranked Amy Poehler And Tina Fey Through Matt Damon. [Video]

What’s the best way to prank somebody? By pranking them through another person. George Clooney gets Amy Poehler and Tina Fey back posing as Matt Damon.

Kissing A Fake Girlfriend Selfie Guy’s Tips On Fake Girlfriend Selfie.

A Japanese man has perfected the fake girlfriend selfie and all he needed was camera, tripod, wig and still hand. Call it a DIY project for the lonely.

A Wonderful Animated Short Film About Love And Advertising. [Video]

‘Love in the Time of Advertising’ is a perfect short that not only carries a sweet story to the end but is also paired with an amazing score.

A Stranger’s Airplane Mega-Poop Chased Jonah Hill’s True Love Away. [Video]

We’ve all been there – getting the blame for somebody else’s bathroom stink. To 18-year old Jonah Hill, it could’ve been life changing.

UK School’s ‘Man Days’ Teaches Boys About Shaving And Getting A Date.

Head teacher Victoria Overy wants her male students to learn that GTA V isn’t real life by offering Man Days – lessons in manners, golf, dating, and life.

Serenaded Girl In China Calls Boy ‘Annoying’ And Breaks His Guitar. [Video]

Watch scene unfold like a classic John Hughes film. Boy on guitar, girl ‘friend’ on the drums. Serenade fails and boy realizes it’s the drummer he loves.

‘Because Of A Death, I’m Seeking A Woman’

91-year old Roger-Marc Grenier found his dream girl by posting a sign in his garden asking for a woman. When he meets her, says ‘she’ll do.’