Is The Arizona Center Throwing Up On The Football? [Vine]

This is what happens when you run an up-tempo offense – people throw up.

Is ‘Maybe You Touched Your Genitals’ Liquid Soap Real?

Is there really a liquid hand soap that is specially formulated to clean your hands after you touch your genitals?

If Your Kids Drink Water Out Of The Sink – Get The Dual-Nozzle Faucet. [Video]

Have your ever watched your kids drink water straight out of the faucet? If you have, you’d pre-order a Down Up dual-faucet nozzle immediately.

When A Condom Is Not Enough Protection, You Need A Scroguard. [Video]

Nothing says ‘I want a second date with you’ like strapping on a Scroguard to prevent skin-to-skin contact.

Sperm Sample Taking Machine From China. [Video]

The only thing missing from this sperm sample taking machine is the optional prostate exam attachment – aka The Rectal Nuzzler.

Elvis Presley’s Coat Went On Tour – Why Not His Tooth?

Just added ‘Meeting the people who paid to see Elvis Presley’s tooth’ to my unbucket list.

Hairy Women Targeted By VEET Commercial. Hairy Men Too. [Video]

I would’ve never seen VEET’s ‘Don’t Risk Dudeness’ ad had it not been for so many people complaining about it. VEET’s diabolical marketing plan is winning.

A Stranger’s Airplane Mega-Poop Chased Jonah Hill’s True Love Away. [Video]

We’ve all been there – getting the blame for somebody else’s bathroom stink. To 18-year old Jonah Hill, it could’ve been life changing.