Grandma Chocolate iPhone Prank Has A Happy Ending – Video

For our grandparents, getting technology for Christmas = kids getting a pair of socks for Christmas.

Odd Pairings – Paul Stanley Of Kiss In A Folgers Coffee Commercial.

After watching a couple episodes of Gene Simmons Family Jewels, this Paul Stanley Folgers Coffee commercial makes sense. Kiss is for sale.

Misheard Song Lyrics From 20 ‘Didn’t Listen To’ Artists. [Video]

You know you’re old when you watch the 2014 Misheard Song Lyrics video and you take your glasses off and say – who the fuck is that?

Tourist Are Paying To See Beast Jesus. [Video]

Cecilia Giménez was just trying to help when she created Beast Jesus. Now her restoration is bringing tourist to her town who are paying to see her work.

Awkward Family Feud Answer – Name Something That Has To Be Licked

Contestant on the Family Feud knows what’s up when he answers the ‘Name something that has to be licked’ question. His wife knows he’s a ‘T – I – G Tiger.’

WV Man Dances To Push-It And Owns The Dance Floor. [Video]

I think Salt-N-Pepa wrote this song for this man. Women beware: as this WV man dances to Push-It, there’s a chance you might get pregnant.

Bunch Of Old People Dancing. [Video]

Go ahead, steal their moves.

Grandpa Proof Remote.

A little painters tape and grandpa will be changing channels (and nothing else) like a pro.