Awkward Family Feud Answer – Name Something That Has To Be Licked

Contestant on the Family Feud knows what’s up when he answers the ‘Name something that has to be licked’ question. His wife knows he’s a ‘T – I – G Tiger.’

Girlfriend Signs, Photographs Boyfriend’s Junk Before He Goes Out. [Video]

Weird or Not Weird – A woman went on the Steve Harvey Show and explained how she signs and photographs her boyfriend’s penis before he goes out.

Twin Sisters Fight Over Boyfriend And Vibrator.

Twin sisterhood comes third when you’re talking about boyfriends and sex toys.

Man Has Virtual Reality Sex In Public Places Wearing I Heart Vagina Shirt. [Video]

Watch That Brown Nerd put on his Oculus’ish head display and start having some prank virtual sex in public places. Walmart, Apple Store etc.

Made In China – Shower Rape In A Men’s Locker Room Is Used To Sell Biscuits. [Video]

Dropping a bar of soap in a group shower is just the beginning of the awesome in this commercial for biscuits from China.

Anderson Cooper Watching Old Movies With Mom – ‘Did Ya Bang Him?’ [Video]

Young Anderson Cooper’s movie night was not like yours and mine. Instead of picking a movie to watch, Anderson’s mom pointed out the people she boinked.

When A Condom Is Not Enough Protection, You Need A Scroguard. [Video]

Nothing says ‘I want a second date with you’ like strapping on a Scroguard to prevent skin-to-skin contact.

Handies Just Got Cleaner, Lubier And Weirder With The Handie. [Video]

Yes, The Handie is probably a joke but if it isn’t, the lonely dudes behind The Handie are killing half of their market.