Jon Hamm And Jimmy Fallon Share A Sub Sandwich On Top Of 30 Rock. [Video]

Jon Hamm And Jimmy Fallon photobomb your family photo on top of 30 Rock = 2014 family Christmas Card.

Article About Chanel’s Fake Supermarket Fashion Show Upstaged By Reader’s Comment.

A commenter on Chanel’s fake supermarket fashion show deserves an assist for raising Gawker’s article to level hilarious.

Conan – 14 Signs Buzzfeed Lists Are Running Out Of List Ideas. [Video]

From the ’27 Signs Your Dog Is Hotter Than Your Boyfriend’ to the ’14 Photos Of Fruit Looking Like Ryan Gosling’ – it’s Buzzfeed List time with Conan.

Complete Oscar Video Recap – Every Oscar Winner In Under Two Minutes. [Video]

Instead of watching the 50 hour Oscars broadcast, see every Oscar winner in under two minutes.

FAIL Prank: Twerking Girl Who Caught On Fire Was A Jimmy Kimmel Prank [Video]

Jimmy Kimmel hit the internet trifecta when he created the ‘twerking girl who catches on fire’ video – it’s an organically viral prank FAIL video.

Two Titans Of The Internet Finally Meet: Lil Bub And Grumpy Cat.

The meeting, for ego reasons, they said couldn’t happen… happened! Lil Bub and Tardar Sauce (aka Grumpy Cat) meet and it’s magical.

What It Looks Like Inside Crammed Beijing Subway [Video]

Passengers cramming themselves onto a Beijing subway was the easy part. Once onboard, NOT being turned into a future internet meme is the hard part.

Funny Costco Name Tag : Whose Boobeh?

Without a meme intervention by my teenage son, this would’ve just been a picture of a Costco employee.