MiniBrake Is A Remote Controlled Bike Brake And A Pretty Dumb Idea. [Video]

Advanced Hover Parent: The MiniBrake is a remote controlled bike braking system that lets parents put on the brakes when their kids are learning to ride.

Fun Film About A Mountain Biker Chasing His Border Collie Down A Hill. [Video]

Bryan and Kaia like to go for extreme walks and filmmaker Jonathan Kang captured the whole thing.

Crazy Guy Rides His Bike Backward, On Handlebars, Down A Steep Hill. [Video]

Oh nuts! Watch Eskil Rønningsbakken riding a bike backwards down a hill that you would be scared to ride forward is not a trick – just insane.

‘Interdependence’ Shows What It Was Like To Be A Kid 30 Years Ago. [Video]

A day in the life of two friends on an adventure, Interdependence gives a glimpse of what it was like to be a kid before the video games and internets.

Don’t Ask Why : Bubble Wrap Bike [Video]

Dilemma: you want to ride your bike but you want to pop the bubbles on your roll of bubble wrap too. Eric Buss’s bubble wrap bike is your solution.

Dave Matthews Fans Pick Up Hitchhiking Dave Matthews And Take Him To His Concert.

On the ‘awesome’ scale, picking up a hitchhiking Dave Matthews on your way to a Dave Matthews concert is off the chart.

Tagging The Bike Lane.

Tagging the bike lane – cyclist will appreciate and honor this tagged bike lane symbol.