How To Fillet A Halibut In Under A Minute. [Video]

I’ve been on charter fishing trips and I’ve seen some impressive filleting but this deckhand is better than the rest.

Drunk Fishing Contest Found Its Winner. [Video]

There is a fishing wasted competition in Belgium and the winner gets a BOOZ trophy. I wonder how it’ll look on this drunk fisherman’s mantle…

Redneck Sewer Fishing. [Video]

Resourceful kid figures out there’s some good fishing going underneath manhole cover and redneck sewer fishing is born.

Video Of Fisherman Being Outsmarted By The Fish, Their Gear And The Weather.

Enjoy another compilation video of fisherman being stupid and filming it.

Chinese Fisherman Live By ‘Catch And Release’ But Not In That Order – You Release We Catch.

You Release and We Catch. Or ‘Catch and Release’ into our bucket.

Video Of A Cat Catching A Fish. [Video]

If you ever wanted to watch a video of a cat catching a fish, here it is. Fishing cats are real!

Sailfish Jumps Into The Boat. Gilligan Abandons Ship. [Video]

Watch a sailfish make one last stab at freedom and freak everyone out on a fishing boat.

Caught Rainbow Trout Had 19 Shrews In Its Stomach.

Shrew was the only thing on the menu for a rainbow trout caught in the Togiak National Wildlife Refuge in Alaska.