Best Title Of The Week: Don’t Hate Justin Bieber, Hate His Father [Defamer]

Article title of the week! Defamer’s posted an story on the Justin Bieber’s dad, Jeremy, and why he’s the root of all things awful about the biebs.

Little Medieval Knights Having A Sword Fight. [Video]

Watch two wee knights battle it out with swords while the adults cheer them on. It’s like Thunderdome for kids!

Baby Don’t Like Beard – Beard Preserved In Lucite. [Video]

Meet new dad Luke, his scraggly beard and his daughter Willa. With some cosmetic changes, and some lucite, they can all live peacefully together.

Typical Australian Kid.

How the rest of the world pictures the typical Australian kid: shirtless, drinking a beer and holding a crocodile. Holy shit – check check check!

Little Girl Let’s The Cow In The House. [Video]

Sweet video of a 5-year old snuggling up to her pet cow. In the video, there’s some sweet, a burp-fart and some questioning of diet.

Dadsong Commercial – Old Spice Wins Again With New Commercial. [Video]

Old Spice’s commercials where the moms begrudgingly lose their sons gets updated with dad’s perspective (and it’s the opposite of mom’s).

Dad Laughs At His Kids Painted Faces. [Video]

Watch these two little guys try to explain away their painted faces without words; just nods and head shakes. Awesome!

Great Grandmother Smoking Pot With Her Son Is Kind Of Weird. [Video]

This video from 2013 features 93-year old Silver Princess and her son Open Sky smoking a joint together. Why? Because they legally can.