Emotional Little Girl Watching The Chipmunk Movie Is The Sweetest Video EVER. [Video]

A father captures some sweet moments of his daughter adorably reacting to The Chipmunk Adventure movie.

Regatta Chaotica. [Video]

Enjoy the craziness that was the Snowflake Regatta in NY. Kids rowing into each other, kids rowing into docks and parents acting like assholes.

Kid Puts Glow Stick In The Microwave And Ruins Awesome Shirt. [Video]

Jack thought it would be cool to microwave a glow stick. Dad, who Jack never listens to, thought it was a bad idea. Dad was right.

Crazy Ways People Feed Their Baby – Phone Mounted On Head. [Video]

Parents will do anything to get their relatively newborns to eat and sleep. Wearing a phone on your forehead is probably one technique to avoid.

Man Wearing – She Wants The D T-Shirt.

Nothing to see at Disney World except some people wearing shirts that describe how much they love the D.

The Nice Kids In The Jimmy Kimmel Halloween Candy Prank Video. [Video]

The Jimmy Kimmel Halloween prank video is a perfect opportunity for parents to humiliate their kids on national TV. Here are the three good kids.

Roseanne Reunites With DJ And Becky. [Video]

Was TV Roseanne a good parent to her TV Roseanne kids? Find out watching this video of a Roseanne reunion on The Talk.

Browns WR Andrew Hawkins Kicks Out His 2-Year Old For Liking Bengals Receivers. [Instagram]

Little kids have to learn. Watch Andrew Hawkins teach his 2-year old a lesson for still rooting for his former teammates. Tough love!