Kardashian Ass Coffee?

We tried not to post anything around the Kardashian ass picture. Kardashian ass coffee is the one exception.

The Science Of ESPN Sports Explained By Sports Science By Tosh.0. [Video]

Tosh.0 turned it around on ESPN by using their Sports Science program to explain how ESPN Sports is a simple, money generating machine.

Underwear Wearing Hero Saves The Girl And Kicks Some Ass. [Video]

Get to know !!Renegade!! because he’s a man who fights for his love and does so in his Renegade underwear.

Amazon Echo Parody – The Amazon Echo Promo Video We Wanted. [Video]

The Amazon Echo could be a cool product. The promo video used to introduce the Echo was pretty weak. The Amazon Echo parody video shows why.

Video Without Music Is Better Than Videos With Music. [Video]

Watch Snoop Snoop and Ferrel perform Drop It Like It’s Hot in a video without music.

Asked Myself ‘What Did I Just See?’ After Watching Putin Depardieu Rub Noses In Gay Bar. [Video]

Creepy ‘user’ video for the song Gay Bar by Electric Six features a world leader, a sheriff/martial artist and a French actor.

Mr. Bean Has A Snickers Commercial. [Video]

Snickers chose wisely when they got Mr. Bean to star in their ‘you need a Snickers’ commercial.

When A Condom Is Not Enough Protection, You Need A Scroguard. [Video]

Nothing says ‘I want a second date with you’ like strapping on a Scroguard to prevent skin-to-skin contact.