Handies Just Got Cleaner, Lubier And Weirder With The Handie. [Video]

Yes, The Handie is probably a joke but if it isn’t, the lonely dudes behind The Handie are killing half of their market.

Combover Kid Makes Kids React Video Worth Watching. [Video]

I didn’t even get through the Kids React to Skip-It toy because I was stopped in my tracks by combover kid. Old school toys meet old man hairdo.

Assassin’s Breed Of Kitten Or Is It Kitten’s Creed Assassins Or Is It…. [Video]

Kittens are the featured assassins in a funny video spoof of the Assassin’s Creed video game series.

Music Video My Ass – Mom Wants Her Cigarettes. [Video]

Time to watch ‘Mom Wants Her Cigarettes’ join Ice JJ Fish as up and coming stars to watch on VHS with no volume.

Bringo! Dr. Steve Brule As The Voice In The Film ‘Her’ [Video]

With the movie Her, replacing Scarlett Johansson’s voice with Dr. Steve Brule’s is either the best or worst thing ever. We’re leaning toward best.

Jesus Strong – Cross Fit By Jesus Is Basically CrossFit By Jesus. [Video]

WWJD to build lean muscle mass and increase aerobic stamina? Cross Fit by Jesus probably isn’t it.

Dramatic Dumb And Dumber. [Video]

Josh Rocklage turned Dumb and Dumber into a drama and now, I just want to see it again to clear the dramatic Dumber Dumber from my head.

Eventually, Nerds Getting Revenge Commercial Is Kind Of Dumb. [Video]

In a perfect world, nerds would get revenge over their tormenters. In reality, nerds move on and try to forget about the bullying that happened to them.