Girl Plays Fetch With Kitten. [Video]

Fetch playing kitten wins out over homework.

DJ Cat Scratch Turntable – Scratching Post For The DJ Cat. [Video]

The DJ Cat Scratch turntable scratching post is the must have product for people who have run out of things to buy for their cats.

Compilation Video Of Cats, Dogs And A Pig Who Don’t Care Anymore. [Video]

These are the pet equivalents of senior citizens.

Assassin’s Breed Of Kitten Or Is It Kitten’s Creed Assassins Or Is It…. [Video]

Kittens are the featured assassins in a funny video spoof of the Assassin’s Creed video game series.

‘Pussy, Get Out Of My Pants.’ [Video]

Australian talk show host is either talking about a video of cats playing in a pair of pants or something related to gender identity.

Cat Loses Its Shit When A Kitten Crawls Over A Kitten. [Video]

There is no good way to describe what’s happening in this video of a mama cat reacting to her kittens. You just have to watch this video.

Cats Putting Up With Dogs. [Video]

Video compilation of cat-loving dogs trying to be friends with temperamental cats.

Patient Dogs Have A Compilation Video.

Watch dogs behave uncatlike as they’re poked, dressed up, teased and sat on.