Extreme Cat Makeover – Turn Your Cat Into An Egyptian Looking Cat.

Have you ever said to yourself: ‘Geez, my cat is boring and plain looking. I wish it would like like those Egyptian cats.’ With a little garbage, it can!

DJ Cat Scratch Turntable – Scratching Post For The DJ Cat. [Video]

The DJ Cat Scratch turntable scratching post is the must have product for people who have run out of things to buy for their cats.

Cat Sticks Tongue Out At The Sound Of Packing Tape. [Video]

This is simple – cat hears packing tape sound, sticks tongue out.

Cat Goes After Owl In The Window. Owl Won’t Forget. [Video]

A play on the ‘you’re really tough when your big brother is around’ but in this case, it’s a window separating a pissed owl from a indoor cat.

Two Cats In One Box = Fort Asshole.

What do you get when you put two cats in one anything?

Hilarious ‘Stern’ Pet Training Video. [Gif]

Pet training isn’t easy. Here are some techniques and tools you should consider using during a pet training session.

Cat Walks Backwards On Two Hind Legs. [Video]

Is the cat walking backward on two legs or is the video running in reverse of a cat walking forward on two legs? Either way, weird.

Yardbird – The Australian Carrie With A Touch Of The Dead Zone. [Video]

Fun to watch a wrong get righted in the short film Yardbird.