Deer And Cat Are Friends. [Video]

The deer and cat are friends and they’re not afraid to show it.

Compilation Video Of Cats, Dogs And A Pig Who Don’t Care Anymore. [Video]

These are the pet equivalents of senior citizens.

Assassin’s Breed Of Kitten Or Is It Kitten’s Creed Assassins Or Is It…. [Video]

Kittens are the featured assassins in a funny video spoof of the Assassin’s Creed video game series.

Ice Machine Use Triggers Dog To Attack Cat. [Video]

Watch dog go after cat when the ice machine is used. Why? No reason.

Babies Laughing At Cats Playing Is The Latest Babies Laughing At Video.

Cats are funny and babies figure this out early.

Cat In Plastic Bag Scares Cat Playing With Plastic Bag. [Video]

The best cat videos are cat vs cat. Plastic bag playing cat gets outflanked by plastic bag hiding cat.

Over-Cute Duck’s Life Video’s ‘To Be Continued’ Worries Me A Bit. [Video]

There’s cute and then there’s over-cute. This video about the duckling becoming a duck has a sequel and I surely hope it’s not dark and involve a recipe.

‘Pussy, Get Out Of My Pants.’ [Video]

Australian talk show host is either talking about a video of cats playing in a pair of pants or something related to gender identity.