Separated At Birth? Surprised Rabbit In A Sink.

This rabbit in the sink is going to break the internet!

Two Dogs And A Furry Video.

A guy dressed up in a bear costume goes at it with a couple of beagles. Maybe I should change that description…

Cats Fighting In Santa Picture.

Instant naughty list for bringing your cats in for a Santa photo.

Dog With Prosthetic Front Legs Is The Best Video You’ll Watch Today.

Derby was born with deformed front legs. Thanks to 3D printing technology, Derby now has prosthetic front legs that allow him to run around like a dog.

Cat’s Sleep Face Is Hilarious.

Awake, Setsu-chan the cat is probably the world’s most beautiful cat. Drifting off to sleep, and asleep, Setsu-chan is probably the world’s derpiest cat.

Hooray For Animal Abuse – Dog In Dress Walking On Hind Legs Video.

What the hell is wrong with people? Training a dog to wear a dress, sunglasses and walk on their hind legs is not cute – it’s just cruel.

Puppy Plays With Chinchilla On Bed. [Video]

Very sweet video of a puppy having a blast with a chinchilla. One big question: at what point do chinchillas become like GumNut the koala bear?

Koala Bear For Sale – Loves Vin Diesel Movies, Hates Asians.

Old 2009 Craigslist ad for GumNut the cat killing, one-dog liking, eucalyptus pounding, stinky koala bear. The humor is timeless!