Last Week’s ‘Almost’ Posts: The Office Superfan, Kitten vs Lizard, Affeldt, Anchorman Prank, Shot’s Fired.

Links to articles, stories, videos and images that almost made it on Crappy.

Maymo The Dog Having Trouble Walking In His New Tennis Shoes. [Video]

Maymo’s owners: future dog-attack statistics.

Unfortunate Signage: The Bury And Oldham RSPCA Center In England.

Dear Bury / Oldham RSPCA – I am inquiring about the marketing position with your organization. Qualifications? I would’ve chosen ‘Oldham.’ Sincerely, C. Rapasaurus.

Queenstown News Points Out The Obvious By Making A ‘Dogs’ Balls’ Reference.

Trying to keep up, newspapers are now borrowing from Deadspin’s comment page.

A ‘Cat’ Mother’s Love: How To Protect Your Offspring From Nightmares.

Perfectly timed with Mother’s Day.

12-Week Old Puppy Survives One Month W/O Food Or Water In An Impounded Car. [Video]

Great survival story about Kia.

We Have Our Mascot: Cats First Time Outside.

Beyonce cat.

House Chaos!: Sheep Vs Cat Vs Greyhounds. [Video]

Assorted pets playing together like kids jumping in puddles.