Limbo Prank Video – It’s Limbo Time!

Hilarious limbo prank video that doesn’t involve pain; just a little public humiliation.

Grandma Chocolate iPhone Prank Has A Happy Ending – Video

For our grandparents, getting technology for Christmas = kids getting a pair of socks for Christmas.

Where’s 87? Benchwarmer’s High School Football Recruiting Video

The best high school football recruiting video ever! I sure hope the high school football player in the video made it.

Prank – Christopher Walken Calling Xbox Tech Support. [Video]

Watch this Jerky Boys’ish prank w/o doing the Christopher Walken voice. What’s it going to be like when the real Christopher Walken needs tech support?

Fake Aoki Walks Around A Music Festival. [Video]

Watch a Steven Aoki impersonator get noticed as he wanders around a music festival – even during the real Steven Aoki’s performance.

Brazilian Sausage Prank: From Pig Farm To Grinder To Sausuage To Plate. [Video]

A grocery store in Brazil makes the freshest sausage you can find. They actually drop the live pigs right into the grinder. How do shoppers react?

Man Has Virtual Reality Sex In Public Places Wearing I Heart Vagina Shirt. [Video]

Watch That Brown Nerd put on his Oculus’ish head display and start having some prank virtual sex in public places. Walmart, Apple Store etc.

Fake Drunk Girl Apology- She Was Tricked Into Being In Drunk Girl Video

Thank goodness we never posted the original, and now removed, drunk girl in public video. A perfect example of the prank being on the viewer.