‘My Friend Went On A Trip To Africa. This Is The Only Picture He Took.’

Epic nature photo at the exact moment nature calls for this lion.

QuickCrap: Mental Floss Lists 20 Songs That You Might Not Know Were Covers.

Did you know ‘Girls Just Want To Have Fun’ was written and first recorded by a man? Now, I won’t be as embarrassed when I sing it on karaoke night.

QuickCrap: How Stephen King’s Wife Tabby Saved The Book ‘Carrie’.

‘Carrie’, the book that launched Stephen King’s writing career, started out as three crumpled pieces of paper in the garbage can.

QuickCrap: Mental Floss Asks ‘Should Men Sit Down To Pee?’

Roe vs Wade. Ali vs Frasier. Sitter vs Stander – get the facts from the pee debate.

QuickCrap: One Parent Turned A Post By A Facebook LIKE Shill Into Something Good.

Getting Facebook LIKES and having your posts ‘talked about’ is a cutthroat business driven by sick kid photos and stolen jokes. One dad turned the tables.

QuickCrap: Johnny Carson Jokes About His Wife Cheating On Him.

Funny quote from a new book by Johnny Carson’s former lawyer Henry Bushkin. Even in the darkest hours, Johnny was still Johnny.

QuickCrap: Kanye West Is All Caps Mad At Jimmy Kimmel. [Video]

Yawn yawn yawn.

QuickCrap: When It Comes To Lighting Farts, Don’t Thank Methane. [Video]

The science behind fart lighting.